3 D Freak Accelerator

by insmouth

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released April 13, 1999



all rights reserved


insmouth Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Insmouth was a crossover alternative metal band from Bulgaria. They started their career in Veliko Turnovo in 1993. At the end of the past century they performed a lot of self-dependent concerts in the country, did a small tour in Germany and was invited to support sublimities like Suicidal Tendencies, Soulfly, Anthrax and Pyogenesis. After being folded Stiff (vocals) started a new project Redrum. ... more

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Track Name: Sexulted
never give a fuck
some day i’ll see you cold
you never have a clue
what i am ready for
wanna dive a muff…
clean that fuck before
someone sees the spot
i’m kickin’ you down
kickin’ you down
piece of shit ,don’t
fuck around
i’m kickin’ you down
movin’ it down
my barrel of a gun is
speakin’ aloud
goin’ down, goin’ up
don’t try to spare
another crap
fake smile on your lips
shut the fuck your mouth
and get fixed
stay quiet while my gun is
you gotta swell, my pride
is that choking

CH. yeah
sexulted, nevermind

thinkin’ of sex naked i stand
both of us know how it’s gonna end
bugs on my pride, a knife in my hand
“hit & run” ‘s what your daddy used
to say
i’m smashin’ you down
smashin’ you down
you’re such a pig, you have a shit-made crown
i’m crushin’ you down, call myself a clown
for many years i’ve been here around

CH. yeah
sexulted, nevermind
givin’ all away’s like givin’ all to you
(repeat like hell)
you never had a space to play a God
such a great deal nothin’ you had
something goes around then it
goes bad
queen of my heart i’ll kill you again
i’m smashin’ you down/ smashin’
you down
you’re such a pig, you have a shit crown
i’m crushin’ you down call myself a clown
for many years i’ve been here around

CH. (repeat)
Track Name: Freak
you let me in
you kick me out
there’s nothing
i could talk free about
you watch my pace when
i follow your trace…
deep inside it hurts
CH.freak/suck my dick
(repeat 8 times)

the more i care
the more it stands
whispering lots of words my
cage is closed for you
locked and dead
i’d kill to live again
piss on my pictures
remnants of past
i have never felt
fuck, i’m a freak
a spectre of love
a midnight cowboy
of sex…

CH. (repeat)

i’m a freak but
your word doesn’t matter (repeat 4 times)
Track Name: Shakalakamuthafucka
every night i’m out and go crazy
pissed off but never get lazy
drink & smoke a cool muthafucka
CH. shakalakashalaklakshalaka

walk away/keep away/stay away
give it all away
playing hand/balding head/simply red
fuck it all away

what i hate is too much verbalizing
i’m into porn and stoning herbalizing
disco clubs, drum’n’bass bitches

CH. (repeat)

here comes the shit in our direction
burnt flags and a smack of a rejection what happened to the freedom of speech

CH. (repeat)

starring eye/bluring eye/judging eye
miss me anyway
real end/lying end/happy end
fuck them anyway

CH. (repeat)

woman i don’t wanna be
a part your own misery
movin’ on from town to town
i’m a man who lives around
Track Name: Stronger I Feel
show me your pain, your eyes are so drained i really want to look into
your thoughts and ideas, never tell me “big deal!” you wanna be a God, you wanna be a God, a God
old man’s preaching a mass of difference
nobody gives a fuck
between my haven and hell lies an ocean for sale and I get used to it, get used to it
CH. drive me
hollow i’ll see
hurt me
stronger i feel
give me
stronger essence to prevail
my old friend

beg to die, at least to R.I.P and never hear such words again,
but all is inside you keep my spirits alive to dig my suffering, my suffering
mother, your son’s gonna be a media fan-
a high-tech shit in your house
or a mouse, a mouse a little tiny mouse
it wears a fucking blouse and soon becomes a man

CH. (repeat)
Lenin speaks
shut, the fuck, your mouth they bought another candidate you blow up now get lost and never found
be a God or shove him up your ass
it really doesn’t matter to me
Track Name: Kama Tribe
this one is dedicated
to the people living
in the Biliar city
around the kama
river who still call
themselves Bulgarians
welcome to the kama tribe!
(repeat 4 times)
we wanna show you everything
we have
under the national remains
honestly we don’t give a
flying fuck
who’s on the right side
and who’s on the wrong
CH. join/join/join again the
kama tribe
you gotta join again
you gotta join again
you gotta join again
the kama tribe!
come and witness the
drug yourself with life
for free!
come and see the velvet
come upon the Tangra’s

CH. (repeat)

enjoy the kama tribe!
(repeat 8 times)
Track Name: Call Me Different
you cause my pain
face my frown
judge what i’m agree with
different views, different eyes
fixed in sockets deep
CH. call me different, call me anxious
call me what i am
call me different, call me freak
call me what i am

raise my hands
bounded wrists
a face you never trust
how i look like
you’re concerned about
ignorance-your name

suffocate, dominate
the edge of a broken glass
cuts your eye, behalves
your soul,
belittles what you know

CH. (repeat)

when you look at me i feel so wrong
(repeat 8 times)
i say/ wrong
(repeat 8 times)